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Diorama in Progress

Hope Tracy

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

This is a bad photo of what will be a shabby diorama. Then again, if you came here to see professional work, you were mistaken.

Obviously this work includes found objects and a lot of torn up cotton balls. I stopped progress on it because I needed different glue and because I was stuck on how to make the gate itself. The glues I was using (first a glue stick for the bottom layer of cotton and then a super toxic crafter's glue) weren't really suitable. It's kind of hard to get the stuff off a glue stick onto loose cotton and the crafter's glue was making my Lloyd high as shit. Now I have squeezy school glue, which I assume will do the trick.

AND I got some glinty gold wallpaper today at Marden's, which I think I will glue to cardboard on both sides. Then I'll cut two gate shapes out of the layers and make some holes to stick some fake pearls in. I'm feeling pretty good about that plan.

After that, it's a matter of using my new pliers to figure out reshaping some costume jewelry for a purpose I am not yet ready to reveal. Oooh! The suspense! I have new pliers because a certain someone has brought all the tools from our apartment, except two hammers and an adjustable wrench, to his studio.

Finally, I need to populate the scene. The guy standing behind the diorama is obviously Saint Peter, but the staff doesn't really work, so I'll get that out of his hand somehow. I do know the figure is not actually Saint Peter, but I'm not afraid of some gross misuse of figures. Just wait until I get my hands on a dremel! I have some groom figures to strip down and repaint (maybe) for new arrivals and then I will post a new photo and you'll be all "Oh wow! That's so clever! How did you ever think of that?!" And I'll be "oh, you know."