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I Made This Doll Over the Summer. Her Name is "Reasons".

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Monday, December 28, 2015

This is the not the first doll object I have ever made. In high school I made a marionette of a Union soldier for my literature class named Ephraim Whitaker. And at some point for another school required thing I made an old lady doll with one of those stitch shaped pantyhose faces. Those were both fun and long lost and I would like to try those methods again. But I also liked disassembling a baby doll and attaching the arms and legs to a rag doll body that I free cut from a chunk of leftover stretchy red velvet. And then making eye nipples.

This project wasn't a total success. I attached the mirror to the head with tab slots for the prongs on the back and it doesn't stay on very well, even when I crocheted a bonnet onto the mirror.  I attempted to shape the body, making a butt crack and a suggestion of separation for the breasts, but wound up ripping it out. The nipples came out too clunky - they were supposed to sink into the body more. But, now I have an idea about how to make nipples for future dolls. Crocheting is a surprisingly effective method. Also I discovered that fondue forks are an effective tool for removing eyes from porcelain dolls. So there you go, in case you were wondering.